2 Eco-Friendly Ways To Use Drained Pool Water

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The problem with repairing damage in your pool is that it's often a wasteful exercise that's not very eco-friendly. This is because of the water you tend to waste draining the pool, as well as the toxic chemicals required to fix leaks. Here are a couple of methods you can use in combination to reduce your negative impact on the environment while you fix leaks.

1. Recycling Pool Water for Plants

Normally when you drain your pool in order to fix a leak or for any other reason, the water is pumped down the drain or into a forest. Draining a pool the conventional way completely wastes the water. One way to avoid wasting water and potentially drowning local plant life is to instead water your plants with the extra water.

The Water Conservation of Alliance of Southern Arizona claims that as long as you wait a week between the time you add chemicals to your pool and when you water your plants, the chlorine level should be low enough to make it safe for your plants.

Test your water with a chlorine test kit to make sure that it's below one part per million of chlorine before you dump it on your plants. It's a good idea to check what sorts of plants you want to use the water on before you do this as well.

Your old pool water will likely have a high salt content, so it helps to make sure that you use it on plants that are resistant to salt such as aloe plants, olive or rosemary.

2. Recycling Pool Water with a Service

Another solution to this issue is to use a service that will both purify your water and save it for you. The process of having a service drain your pool for you and then bring back clean water takes around 10-12 hours. This should give you enough time to fix leaks.

Most of these services use a process called "reverse osmosis" to treat the dirty water. The equipment needed to facilitate this process can actually be added into a mobile trailer now. These trailers are around 20-feet long and contain devices such as a generator, something to generate ultraviolet rays, filters and industrial membranes for helping to return the water back to cleanliness.

Dumping water without regard can even lead to fines in some areas, because of the damage chlorinated water can do to water systems when it's dumped down storm drains. For more information about swimming pool repairs, contact Bellar Pools Inc.