Learn Why You Should Hire A Professional Lifeguard To Work At Your Community Pool

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For many years, community pools were guarded by teenagers who lived in the neighborhood who wanted a job during the summer months while they were out of school. The guards were not well-trained and accidents happened from time to time. In today's day and age, hiring untrained lifeguards is not only risky, but it is also quite dangerous. Use the following guide to learn a few benefits of hiring a professional lifeguard to work at your community pool.

First Aid Training

A professional lifeguard will have to take classes to learn the ins and outs of first aid. They will be able to give CPR to children, adults, and even the elderly within a moment's notice. The lifeguard will also be trained for dealing with head injuries since someone can slip, fall, and hit their head on the wet surroundings. The first aid training will ensure that the guests at the pool are as safe as possible at all times when the lifeguard is on duty.

Regular Evaluations

In order for a lifeguard to keep their certification as a professional lifeguard, they must complete rigorous training and regular evaluations to prove that they can swim well and save someone from the water if they start to drown. The lifeguards are trained to get in and out of the water within a certain amount of time and to identify a possibly dangerous situation within a matter of seconds. Teenagers that are hired off of the street will more than likely not be able to react to situations as quickly as the trained professional would. This could mean the difference between life and death when it comes to a drowning victim.

Drug Screening

A professional lifeguard will be subjected to regular drug screenings by the company that has hired him or her. Regular drug screenings ensure that there is no chance of a lifeguard being intoxicated while they are on the job. The screenings can be quite expensive and can only be done under certain guidelines, often making it a bit of a hassle for community pools to do on their own. The company will take care of all of the legwork for you.

Hiring a lifeguard from a life guarding company, like Aquatic Management, will make your job much easier. You can add that an experienced, professional lifeguard works at the pool in your advertising brochures, which could cause an increase in business. Hiring an experienced lifeguard will keep everyone as safe as they can be, keep insurance costs down, and possibly drum up some new business for your pool, making it an investment well worth making.