Learn How A Pool Contractor Installs A Diving Board

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Having a pool during the summer can be a lot of fun, but many homeowners find that having a diving board makes the pool even more enjoyable. A diving board needs to be installed by professionals to ensure that the job is done properly. The following guide walks you through the steps a professional installer will take to install the new diving board for you.

Determine Location of Board

The first thing the installers will do is determine the location where the board is to be installed. It will need to be installed in the center of the pool at the end that is the deepest. The installers measure to ensure they find the exact center of the pool and mark the concrete with chalk to insure an accurate installation.

Create Guide Holes

Next, the installers will determine where each bolt needs to be placed to hold the base for the diving board in place. A drill will then be used to create guide holes in the exact locations where the base will be bolted to the concrete.

Secure the Base

Bolt fasteners will be placed inside of the holes and the legs of the base of the diving board will then be attached to the fasteners. This ensures that the base does not wobble or turn over when someone jumps from the board.

Secure the Board

Once the base is secured to the concrete, the board will then be attached to the base. How flexible the board is will depend on how long of a board you chose to use. You want to be sure to buy a board that is made for the weight of all members of your family and the depth of your pool. Once the board is attached to the base, the installers will test to make sure that the base does not move when someone jumps on the board and that the board does not shift on the base as someone jumps.  

Once the diving board is installed, you can start to use it right away. Be sure that you set rules in place to keep your family safe when they are enjoying the new diving board. Make sure everyone jumps one at a time off of the board and that no one jumps until the person that jumped before them is away from it. You need to be sure that an adult is always present when children or teenagers are jumping or diving off of the board just in case an accident occurs. To find out more about swimming pools, speak with a business like All-American Pools.