New Pool Owner Tips For Dealing With Common Water Problems

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Maintaining a swimming pool requires a significant time investment. You need to test and treat the water on a regular basis. If you've just moved into a place with a swimming pool for the first time, you may not know what's ahead. Luckily, understanding some of the most common issues with pool water can help you to be prepared in case they happen. Here's a look at some things to watch for and tips to deal with them.

Debris Accumulation in the Pool

If the pool water is showing signs of accumulating debris, that's a sign that the pool filter isn't doing its job. In most cases, this is because the filter is clogged and needs to be cleaned. The best way to avoid this problem is by cleaning the filter on a regular basis, whether it needs it or not. Rinse the filter out under a hose once a week for the best chance of keeping it as clear as possible.

Murky Water

When the water is so murky or cloudy that you can't even see the bottom, that means you probably have a pH problem in the pool. Rainfall can cause this sometimes, so if it's been rainy recently, that's probably your culprit. Test the water's pH levels using a routine testing kit.

Most pool care kits include pH test strips and a chart to compare the color against. If your pool's pH is in the high 7's or greater, you'll need to treat the pool with sodium bisulphate. Talk to a pool care technician about how much sodium bisulphate to use based on the size of your pool. Dissolve the powder into a bucket of pool water, mixing well. Then, pour the mixture into the pool. Test the water in an hour or two, and treat it again if needed.

Foamy Water

When your pool water is showing foam and suds on the surface, the pool was probably treated with a low-grade algaecide. If this happens, you'll need to treat the pool with an anti-foaming solution, then replace your algaecide with one that won't cause foaming. Your pool repair technician can show you which ones are the best to use.

These are a few of the most common things to watch for as a pool owner. Talk with the best pool remodeling company in your area about a water assessment if you are experiencing other issues. The pool shop can test your water for a variety of different contaminants and issues, providing you with a detailed treatment plan to fix what's ailing it.